Charlotte Bosanquet | The Meeting

The Meeting

Two civic institutions meet. One a Victorian swimming Baths built to wash and teach to swim the persons of East Belfast, the other a boxing club to teach boxing and to empower those that use the service. As there website states, ‘not just to produce boxers of the future but to provide people of the community the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.’

I was interested in bring these two colossus of East Belfast past and future together and so to achieve this I felt that I had to become part of the user of the organizations. In August/September 2013 I undertook a 6-week process of joining the City of Belfast Boxing Academy and learning and training to get in a ring. The performance resulting in a training session in the derelict swimming pool of Templemore Swimming Baths and was shown as part of Catalyst Arts Performance Art Festival FIX 13