Charlotte Bosanquet | The Long Game

The Long Game

The Long Game was a social engagement project, the results of 5 weeks of workshops culminating at a public event at the North Howard Street interface.

Groups of young people from cross community projects and NICRAS, North Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers were asked to participate in a game of their making.
During the workshops the groups designed the bats and logos on the t-shirts, there was no consistent colour of t-shirt and teams were not obviously from the systems designed. For the event the road was closed and the Upper Springfield Road negotiated to have the gate to the interface opened for 2 hours past the allotted time and the road closed.

A grid was marked on the road and the net was strung across the gates of the interface, the game commenced. Lasting 2 hours the participants decided the rules and the teams. The event also hosted the results of workshops by Ursula Burke and Brenda Murphy.